Conserving mid-Michigan's natural, scenic, recreational and agricultural lands

  • A. Eureka Natural Area

    The Eureka Natural Area consists of two acres of wetlands.

  • B. Bunker Nature Preserve

    The Bunker Nature Preserve consists of 130 acres of forest, native prairie, wetland and grassland. The wetlands are quite extensive and include emergent/open water, shrub and forested wetlands. Vernal ponds critical for amphibian species are found on the property.

  • C. Iosco Natural Area

    The Iosco Natural Area consists of 75 acres of hardwood and evergreen trees. An attractive tributary of the Red Cedar runs through the property.

  • D. Ionia Natural Area

    The Ionia Natural Area consists of a 130-acre tract of woodland and grassland located largely in the flood plain of the Grand River. The tract has approximately 1/2 mile of frontage on the Grand River and contains an island. A walking/bike trail runs along the north boundary of the property and a second one runs through the property with nice views of the Grand River.